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Sometimes it happens that everything is going fine, you are working hard, your business is doing great or you are achieving heights in your office. But you are confused that where your hard earned money is moving. You fail to decide that whether this money will full fill your future financial goal and objectives or not. This question may disturb anyone but in this case you can take help from a financial planning services firm.The financial planning services firm endeavour to coordinate different elements of your finances with the aim of building, protecting, and maximizing your net worth. They provide useful advices regarding various financial issues like investment, retirement planning, financial protection, estate planning etc.In fact financial planning services firms follow a particular process for the purpose of managing your finances so that you can achieve your long-term financial goals. The financial planning process may include the following six steps…1. Present financial situation monitoring: First of all, the financial planner assesses your present financial situation by collecting certain information regarding net worth and cash flow statements, tax returns, insurance policies, investment portfolios, pension plans, employee benefit statements etc.2. Financial Goals and objectives identification: The financial planning services firm helps to identify both financial and personal goals and objectives. Your goal may include financing your children’s foreign education or making a home etc. Your goal should be specific, realistic, measurable and time bound3. Problem Identification: The financial planning services firm identifies different financial obstacles in achieving financial independence. Such as your problem area can include too little or too much insurance coverage, inadequate cash flow or a high tax burden.4. Plan Designing: The financial planner provides written recommendations and alternative solutions.5. Plan implementation: Your financial planner executes the recommendations to reach the desired goals and objectives.6. Periodic review: Lastly your financial planner provides periodic review and revision of the plan to ensure that the financial goals are achieved.So, after this six step process you can experience a well managed financial plan so that you can achieve your financial goals and objectives and financial planning services firms provide professional help for the same.